Group Colours - Pioneers.

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Group Colours - Pioneers.

Post by Admin on Wed 17 Aug 2011, 07:43


I think it's time to give our first members 'Pioneers', a little choice. What I am going to do is let you post what colour you think the Pioneers names should be. What do you think?

It can have a standard colour on its own, or if you want it can have a glow.
All you need to do, is copy and paste the text below, and fill in the blank spaces.

Would you like it to glow:
Glow Colour:

Now that you have copy and pasted it, fill in the spaces and comment below.
I will pick the most suggested one, or one at random and let you know as soon as possible!


Colours and glows will not be accepted if it is already a group in Extreme Gaming. For more information on groups and colours go to the homepage, then to the legend at the bottom of the page.


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